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Supply Chain Optimization

Review Bill of Materials 

We will take your data and sourcing strategy, and provide recommendations on where efficiencies can be gained by looking at the timing, sources of supply, and pricing.


Determine Alternate Sources of Supply

From the analysis of the Bill of Materials we will determine alternate sources, vet them for your unique market needs, and provide a comprehensive cost analysis.


Develop Sourcing Strategies

In the determination of other potential sources, we can also provide a sourcing strategy for the entire commodity in addition to looking at where  redesign could fit depending on current supply chain availability.


Supply Chain Optimization

At Rose-A-Lee Technologies, our commitment to supply chain optimization means that we continuously work to maximize efficiency and minimize costs throughout every stage of a product's lifecycle. Our thorough evaluation of your Bill of Materials/CAD allows us to identify alternative manufacturing methods or supply sources while focusing on streamlining lead times and costs. Furthermore, we offer tailored recommendations for design changes, taking into account economic factors and actively seeking to leverage domestic and local supply bases. We also place great emphasis on conducting future state analysis, risk assessment, lead time management, new supplier development, creation of alternative sources, and forming partnerships with small businesses. Our proven approach has consistently led to increased productivity and profitability, establishing Rose-A-Lee Technologies as a leader in supply chain optimization. 

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