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At Rose-A-Lee Technologies we have a vision is to foster a workplace of choice valuing our people, community, and customers while providing excellent service to teammates and clients.

Our mission is to develop people and partnerships to deliver the right engineering and manufacturing solution to each customer’s unique challenge while providing value to the community.

Rose-A-Lee delivers on their value proposition through expert design for manufacturing and manufacturing processes across a diverse set of industries addressing a myriad of complex client challenges and problems.  We operate with a value-based mindset and are critical thinkers, conscientious problem-solvers, and trusted partners. 

Why Work at Rose-A-Lee Technologies?

Rose-A-Lee offers a collaborative, team-centric, future facing environment singularly focused on getting product out the door while providing skills-froward opportunities through experience, training, and mentorship.   


Personal Growth

Citizenship is important at Rose-A-Lee Technologies. We believe in providing a safe environment where team members can stretch and grow skills which will improve the quality of life of the induvial, the RAL Team, and our communities. We will ensure you are successful here or wherever your journey takes you. 

Professional and Career Development

Growing the capability and capacity of the RAL Team is paramount to our current and future success. At Rose-A-Lee you will be offered training and education opportunities on the job or through third party providers. We will create the right learning track for you and provide financial assistances for approve training. 

Key Benefits

  • Amazing healthcare benefits with lower than normal co-pays and deductibles.

  • Tuition Reimbursement

  • OJT Training & Classroom Environment 

Please click the button below to learn more about the positions we are looking for. 

Apply Now

Please Download and fill out the application below. Please send the application and copy of your resume to the email below.

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