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Reverse Engineering


We utilize the latest technology with the Scantech Simscan portable 3D scanner for our reverse engineering projects with a camera distance of 130mm to better capture accurate data in typically difficult areas to scan, with accuracy to .02 mm, and the capability to take up to 2,800,000 measurements per second.  This technology, with our strengths and extensive experience in manufacturing ensures we accurately reproduce what is requested and can even work from damaged parts. 



Our skilled and experienced CAD/CAM Department utilizes advanced software tools to deliver innovative and high-quality solutions. We employ NX (Unigraphics) and Catia V5 for the design of complex tooling and fixtures, as well as for product and reverse engineering designs. Leveraging our diversified experience, we use AutoForm for feasibility studies, stamping simulations, spring back compensations, and detailed reports, ensuring high quality products with efficiency and reduced lead times. 

Programming is accomplished both in the CAD department and at the machines.  WorkNC is used to program our milling machines, while EZ-Turn is employed for our lathe programming. Additionally, WorkXplore 3D is utilized to view and translate most native file formats, enhancing our capability to handle a wide variety of design files. 


Technical Data Package

Our CAD department will generate your fully parametric Technical Data Package, adhering to MIL-STD-3100 standards or to the standards specific to your needs. 


Design Optimization

Our skilled and experienced engineering team will offer suggestions to improve the quality, manufacturability, lead times, and costs of manufacturing.  Autoform will be used for feasibility studies of stamped parts, and our extensive experience in manufacturing will allow us to identify potential areas of improvement and cost savings. 


Reverse Engineering

We can help support your reverse engineering requirements with our expertise in manufacturing, including analysis and teardown, CAD Development, the first article and prototype, and the production of the analyzed component. Whether you need to understand an existing product or reproduce a component, Rose-A-Lee Technologies offers comprehensive solutions to meet your needs.

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