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Sheet Metal Stamping

Sheet metal stampings are a cornerstone in modern manufacturing. 

With our expertise in sheet metal stamping, Rose-A-Lee-Technologies produces and offers invaluable solutions and supports several industries, focusing on low-volume and short-run production. We have experience forming many types of steel, dual/multi-phase, aluminum, and stainless steel. Our presses range from 100 to 1000 tons and offer various mechanical and hydraulic options. Leveraging Autoformat simulation software, we can produce comprehensive reports and ensure the attainment of the highest stamp quality, positioning this attribute as a significant selling point.


Machined Details

Machined details are at the heart of precision. As a parts supplier specializing in fabrications, expertise is crucial for clients who require components with tight tolerances and exact specifications. We ensure that the end products meet the stringent requirements for successful application for aerospace, military, or automotive. Rose-A-Lee provides the machined details to create solutions that bring complex designs to life with accuracy. We have expertise in machining steel, aluminum, armor, copper, bronze, and stainless. 

We have a Haas 5-axis milling machine, (5) Vertical Mills with a cut footprint of 57 x 120, and a CNC lathe for turning. 



Our certified welders' proficiency with diverse metals and setups, coupled with the use of stable and repeatable fixtures, ensures precision and consistency in welding operations. Offering both arc welding and spot-welding services with DC and AC capabilities allows our versatility and adaptability to meet and exceed different project requirements. 


Fabrication and Assembly

Our skilled and experienced fabricators are instrumental in performing some of the often overlooked yet invaluable work required in manufacturing, fabrication and assembly.  We utilize hand brakes, tube benders, brake presses and a variety of “old school” equipment to produce unique or low volume parts, tooling and fixtures. Our conscientious assemblers use hand, pneumatic and power tools for assemblies.  We also pride ourselves in highly repeatable and stable fixtures.  



Our kitting services enhance convenience for our customers by streamlining their assembly processes. By offering high-quality kits, we can assist our customers to efficiently complete assemblies with the assurance of components sourced from a trusted manufacturer. 


Product Procurement

As a critical aspect of the supply chain management process, Rose-A-Lee Technologies ensures seamless product procurement to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Leveraging our extensive expertise and network, we offer comprehensive solutions for sourcing essential components and materials across various industries. With a focus on supply chain management and lead time efficiency, Rose-A-Lee Technologies evaluates Bill of Materials, CAD and determines alternative manufacturing methods or sources of supply and provides recommendations on design changes related to economic factors. Their commitment to leveraging domestic sources and local supply bases and efficient product procurement.


Program Management

We evaluate your Bill of Materials, and CAD to determine alternative manufacturing methods or sources of supply, redesign for supply chain optimization as it relates to lead time and offer recommendations on design changes related to various economic factors. We focus on leveraging domestic sources and leveraging a local supply base when accessible.

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