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Welcome to Rose-A-Lee Technologies

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Rose-A-Lee Technologies was formed in 2013 by sisters, Patricia (Patty) Lopez and Jennifer (Jen) Howard.  It began as a spin-off to Elmhirst Industries (an automotive manufacturing company), to focus solely on the defense industry.  Recognizing the need for a diverse customer base, throughout multiple industries, Patty, and Jen expanded their focus to additional markets including automation, appliance, and complementary services to Elmhirst Industries.

Rose-A-Lee Technologies considers itself industry agnostic.  We are experts in design for manufacturing, and manufacturing processes first and foremost, which translates across any industry, and quite frankly, any problems.  Rose-A-Lee Technologies prides itself on being conscientious problem-solvers, critically thinking from a value-based mindset. We give our word, to treat every task, project, or human the same customized way, no matter where you fit with-in our organization.

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