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               Our Story

Rose-A-Lee Technologies was formed in 2013 by sisters, Patricia Lopez and Jennifer Howard.  It began as a spin-off to Elmhirst Industries (an automotive manufacturing company), to focus solely on the defense industry.  Recognizing the need for a diverse customer base, throughout multiple industries, Patty, and Jen expanded their focus to additional markets including automation, appliance, and complementary services to Elmhirst Industries.

Rose-A-Lee Technologies considers itself industry agnostic.  We are experts in design for manufacturing, and manufacturing processes first and foremost, which translates across any industry, and quite frankly, any problems.  Rose-A-Lee Technologies prides itself on being conscientious problem-solvers, critically thinking from a value-based mindset. We give our word, to treat every task, project, or human the same customized way, no matter where you fit with-in our organization.

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 Agencies Served



With our extensive tools and equipment, as well as our skilled team of engineers and operators, RAL is a quality-driven manufacturing firm ready to produce timely products. With an emphasis on quality and customer service, RAL is the ideal manufacturer for programs big and small.


Reverse Engineering

RAL is equipped with cutting edge technology to provide you with best-in-class reverse engineering. From analysis & teardown to product, we have the tools to engineer better products and solutions to your problems. We provide 3-D part scanning, supply chain development, CAD development, production, and more.

Supply Chain Optimization

RAL is the premier choice for optimizing program supply chains. Starting with a review of the current state process, our team dives head first into future state analysis, providing not only new supplier relationships and sourcing alternative options to reduce lead time, but also providing a comprehensive risk assessment.

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